Forbidden Fruit (M4M)

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Absolutely depraved audios covering all kinds of dark, taboo kinks!

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TitleTagsWriterSex SoundsNo Sex SoundsType
Your First Houseparty[Drugged] [Rape] [Two Guys] [Enjoying Your Pain] [Cruel] [Body Betrayal] [Cum Against Your Will] [Rough Sex] [Face Fucking] [Double Creampie] [Blackmail] [Heavy Degradation] [Causing Trauma]AlaricMoonPlayPlayNSFW
Bird In A Cage[Dark] [CNC] [Captive To A King] [Shackled] [Breeding] [Breaking You] [Threats] [Blackmail] [Blowjob] [Face Fucking] [Rough Sex] [Creampie] [Body Betrayal] [Exhibitionism] and mentions of [Being My Pet]JoliPlayPlayNSFW
Harboring A Fugitive[CNC] [Gotham City] [Joker Inspired] [Serial Killer] [Psycho] [Breaking In Through The Window] [Knife Play] [Somnophilia] [Crazy Possessive] [Tell Me You’re Mine] [Never Leave Me] [Manipulation] [Blackmail] [Threatening] [Menacing] [Body Betrayal] [Oral Sex] [Missionary] [Creampie]ToxicVenusPlayPlayNSFW
These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends[CNC] [Knife Play] [Twisted Fantasies] [Death Threats] [Crying] [Thrown And Pinned Against A Wall] [Size Difference] [Huge Cock] [Revenge] [Enjoying Your Pain] [Begging Me To End Your Suffering] [Licking Up Your Tears] [Creampie]AlaricMoonPlayPlayNSFW
Breaking In My New Pet[Dark] [CNC] [Body Betrayal] [Degradation] [Blowjob] [Handjob] [Drugged] [Stalker] [Rough Doggystyle] [Exhibitionism] [Chained] [Edging] [Creampie]CharlamanderPlayPlayNSFW
Saving Your Job[CNC] [Manipulative Boss] [Blackmail] by [Threatening To Fire You] [Heavy Degredation] [Making You Crawl] by [Pulling Your Hair] [Making You Beg] [Slapping And Spitting] [Blowjob] [Rough Face Fucking] [Brutal And Demeaning Sex] [Creampie] [Body Betrayal]AlaricMoonPlayPlayNSFW
Fall From Grace[Royalty] [Post-war] in the hands of the [Enemy King] [CNC] [Sex Slave] [Threats] [Coercion] [Degradation] [Body Betrayal] [Choking] until you’re [Unconscious] [Cheating Slut] [Size Kink] [Huge Cock] [Sloppy Blowjob] [Free Use] [Lots of Cum] [Cum Play] mentions of [Gang Bang] [26:47]AlaricMoonN/APlayNSFW
Compulsive Gambler[CNC] [Degradation] [Gambling] [Taboo] [Butt Plug] [Free Use] [Torturing] [Edging] [Public] [Exhibitionism] [Chained Up] [Knife Play] [Creampie] [31:12]OpheliaPlayPlayNSFW
A Deal With The Devil[CNC / Dub-con] [Summoning a Demon] [Size Kink] [Breeding / Anal Creampie] [Corruption] [Degradation] [Spanking] [Blowjob] [Face Fucking] [Slapping] [Bondage] [Countdown] mention of [Crying] [24:38]MadeleinePlayPlayNSFW
Your Sleep Paralysis Demon[CNC] [You Can't Move] [Very Degrading] [Face Fucking] [Choking You With My Cock] [Rough Sex] [Creampie] [Meta] [26:40]KiraPlayPlayNSFW